Recently, the Financial Ombudsman Service proposed a no-claim payout proposal to authorities regarding PPI claims. The new setup, if enforced in the future, will allow customers to get compensation without having to make a PPI claim. The move was made as banks were still delaying and rejecting customer claims, which FOS chief Natalie Ceeney states as “dragging their feet” to deal with the situation.

With no-claim payouts, there will be no need for settlement. Banks will be working directly with regulators in identifying customers who might be ineligible for insurances or certain financial products they currently have and will be refunded or compensated immediately. The FOS says that it can save time and hassle for all sides.

Currently, the Financial Ombudsman is handling 1,500 PPI claims on a daily basis. It has expanded its activities, has rented contractual spaces and personnel to cope with the large number. Recently, it has reached 500,000 claims halfway towards the end of the year.

The current PPI bill of the United Kingdom rests on £13 billion, with Lloyds having a total of £4.3 billion, Barclays with £2 billion, RBS with £1.3 and HSBC with £1.1 billion. Analysts mention that the amount can still rise up to £16 billion to fully compensate the entire United Kingdom’s mis sold.

Work is what keeps one busy and it is also one of the things that leaves some necessary things unfulfilled and exercise along with proper physical activity is one of them. Working for 8-9 hours can leave you too tired to exercise and work will not permit such physical activities especially with full attire. However, here are a few tips to help you get into proper shape.

1. Bring 10 Pound Barbells

Most probably, you can bring a pair of 10 pound barbells in your pack when you go to work. Ensure that you at least stretch your arm’s muscles for at least every three hours. One of the most unused parts of the body at work is the forearm and both the biceps and triceps.

2. Commute or Park Somewhere Far

While the two aforementioned details can save you money, they can also benefit your health. Commuting via trains or buses helps you burn more calories having to stand up and physically manage yourself consciously as the bus or the train swerves and turns.

But if you really prefer riding a car, it would be best to park a few blocks away from work. At least 2-3 blocks should be helpful. Walking to work can actually burn you 10 calories, to and from your vehicle to your office.

3. Stairs

Offices located in the second to third floors should be reason enough for you to make use of stairs instead of the elevator. It might be tiring at first, but it exercises your leg muscles and strengthens them. If you need to make use of a photocopying machine or a terminal at an office just a few flights of stairs above you, take the opportunity for exercise. It can actually burn 20 calories per flight.

4. Stretches

For every hour, try to give yourself time to go to the restroom or at least to the pantry. Do some stretching exercises repeatedly. Swing your arms forward and rotate them for at least 5 times, then work on your waist and back to ensure that they are still straigthened out. Bad posture is very common with people who work in the office.

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You’ve seen the news and advertisements from claims management companies (CMC) talk about mis sold PPI and millions of consumers all filing  PPI claims, but have you really any idea how PPI mis selling actually happens? There are many circumstances that you might be mis sold insurance policies and its not just PPI. Help make your PPI claim have a greater chance of success by knowing more about the types of PPI mis sold and ways that you get mis sold by reading on.

PPI or payment protection insurance helps customers repay their loans, mortgages and credit cards in the event they cannot make ends meet due to financial woes caused by accidents or unemployment. However, because of the mis selling, thousands of customers are not eligible for their insurance. This particular fact made the High Court rule in favor of customers as virtually every PPI was sold unethically by financial advisers and other financial institutions.

Accounting for most of the complaints are financial advisers. A commission-based financial adviser may use unethical means to sell their financial products for you. A basic rule on commission is that the higher-priced or rated the product they sell, the more cut they get from it. So they might use their financial “authority and expertise” on the subject to force you to purchase the insurance. They can tell you it can help you in the future, considering your medical condition, age and other factors that place you at risk of accidents or danger.

You’re mis sold PPI because the PPI cannot protect you beyond the retirement age. It also cannot protect you if you purchased it yet you’re unemployed or self employed. It also can’t protect you if you bought it while you’re having a pre-existing medical condition, such as a tubercolosis or anything else major yet not life-threatening.

The main clue to knowing if you’re mis sold is that if your financial adviser just told you to get the insurance without explaining to you the policy’s terms. Concealing this fact to you is why the authorities have ruled in your favor to reclaim your refunds from a mis sold PPI.



Working Diets: What You Should Eat

Author: Hamish Hayward

The main problem with daily work is that it can be stressful. Nobody can blame you for wanting to eat so much after work hours. However, eating is only a temporal relief. Even if the taste helps you forget stress and help you relax, it can take a toll on your body. Here are some tips on the things that you should eat while at work.

1. Think Small and Simple

Working means sitting around all day in your office chair while you try to fix some items in your daily queue. This means that you won’t be having much time doing physical activity unless you’re a messenger. Focusing on lessening your carbohydrates and calories while increasing your intake of Vitamin A and B for your eyesight will help you get through each day without so much stress.

2. Get Fibers

The lack of physical activity means that your stomach will also experience problems when you eat heavy during your lunch or dinner. Increase the intake of fibers in your meal. Having a whole wheat snack or nuts during your breaks can be very helpful for your body. Fiber can help detoxify your body and ensure proper waste management.

3. Stick to Rice Meals

Eating a burger a day can increase your cholesterol, even if it does have some vegetables. The best lunch that can help you get satisfied is through rice meals. With rice, you can get full while getting only half the cholesterol that can put pressure in your critical areas. However, it can increase your carbohydrate intake, but surely, you can use these up when you commute home.

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Addiction is being indulged into something you truly enjoy to the point that it is becoming counter-productive or destructive for you or for other people. Anything can become an addiction if it becomes troublesome or it causes physical or mental harm. Gaming is one form of an addiction. Any type of game, whether videogames or an actual game, can be a form of addiction. Stopping gaming addiction is possible through the following steps.

1. Admit Your Prison

The more you realize your gaming is turning into an addiction, that’s the time you realize that you’ve become an addict. An addiction becomes a prison; it controls your every move, your decisions and can become wrong decisions in the future. However, admitting that you’re imprisoned in your addiction is the key. Once you realize it, you can understand how to stop it.

2. The Problem

The problem most gaming addicts have is that they spend much time, money and effort playing their games. Most game addicts let go of their physicality, modify their environment to suit their gaming and sometimes tend to modify their schedules because of their games. This creates counter-productivity in most people. Identifying your problem is the next step.

3. Triggers

Problems are triggered by something, and definitely, game addicts have a trigger for their addictions. Sometimes, it can be graphic designs. Sometimes, it’s psychological urge to virtually de-stress using games. Sometimes, it becomes their fantasy; a world so perfect for them that they tend to forget the real world. These triggers could prove to indulge you into gaming addictions, and stopping them first is the key.

4. Your Plan of Action

Quitting an addiction is difficult. The best way to begin quitting an addiction is to start slowly minimizing your gaming. You can schedule your gaming and plan out a schedule as to when to play games. Begin playing at this hour and then stop at this hour. Over time, you can reduce your gaming hours. Remember, addictions cannot be stopped at once. Take your time, and do it constantly.

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A Primer on Stopping Addictions

Ways to Reduce or Stop Smoking

Addictions are some of the most difficult challenges one faces in life. Addictions are actually everywhere, and no living person has yet to have no addiction. However, severe addiction is a common psychological problem. Psychologists can only do so much to help you avoid addictions in gambling, vices and other destructive activities. The success of rehabilitation actually comes from you, the patient.

As a primer on stopping addictions, it is important that you understand that it is only through your own will that you’ll stop being addicted to something. Any person who accepts the situation at hand, that he or she is addicted, and recognizes that to move forward they must do something, has a great chance of getting out of addiction. Getting out of addiction means stopping your impulses from getting at you and thinking for yourself.

The basic things you can do about stopping your addiction is valuing if it is really valuable in your life. Some people just smoke because it complements their fashion, it gives them a light headed feeling or just because they enjoy the flavor. Some people just drink because they need to loosen their nerves a bit, or because of the false sense of happiness it brings. Having control over your emotional satisfaction is the first step to stop addictions.

Doctors can give you anti-depressants and other drugs that could help you curb your cravings. But it is always up to you, and the willpower you have to stop your addiction. If one wants change, one should do all that it takes to have change.

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Ways to Reduce or Stop Smoking

A hard to quit vice indeed is smoking. Governments worldwide have placed tax and increased prices for cigarettes to help the public quit the smoking habit. Cigarette smoking is enjoyed by many because of the many pleasures it can provide, such as the nicotine hit, the light headed feeling and the feeling of relaxation. However, it is very dangerous to the health as it can cause tongue, lung and throat cancer. If you want to quit smoking, it might be really difficult, but these methods might just help you get a start.

1. Cutting your Cigarettes in Half

People who intend to quit smoking usually cut their cigarettes in half. With half the tobacco amount, they will also have shorter smoking breaks. They can regularly smoke cigarettes and help themselves get used to smoking half of their usual intake.

2. Filters

Filters can block a great amount of nicotine. This also increases the amount of tobacco leaf consumption to obtain solid flavour. However, many complain that the smoke that passes through the external filters are not as much good quality as without the filters. If this is not a problem for you, filters are a good solution.

3. Smaller Nicotine Content

There are cigarettes that have smaller nicotine content than regular ones often sold in cigarette stalls. Smaller nicotine content cigarettes only need to be used like regular cigarettes. However, they do not provide solid flavor due to the lack of other chemicals used for cigarette flavour.

4. Electronic Cigarettes

New technological advancements gave birth to the electronic cigarette. This device uses flavored liquids vaporized by an atomizer to provide flavor. The only downside to electronic cigarettes is that you will need to carry the flavored liquid and re-apply it when flavor becomes bland. You’ll also need to clean and maintain the device as well